You know your heart is burning for MORE, but you’re not sure what you want, where to start or how to find it.
I’m the eyes that hold the vision of what’s possible and I’ll show you how to get there.

When you dissolve the polarity between who you feel you ARE and who you WANT TO BE, you break through your inner glass ceiling that’s causing you to:

• hide in the shadows
• deny your truth
• numb your deepest desires
• play it small
* place yourself at the back of the queue
• over-give, and
• push your way through life

You ARE enough – as you are – and in the flick of a switch, you can give yourself permission to experience something more than you are today.

What can you expect when you work with me?

An experience unlike anything you’ve ever tried before

I see energy, I read patterns and I channel. I see the latent potential and possibilities, the safety drivers, the belief blockers and the coping mechanisms that have got you to where you are today but can’t take you to where you need to go next.
I’m not interested in taking you to any arbitrary measure of ‘success’. I’m interested in taking you to a deep place of aliveness and authentic expression, however that looks like for you.
I’ll reorient you to work with your Self from the inside-out. When YOU begin to work, all other parts of your life naturally work too.
I make sure the gifts you have work and serve you first. That’s not selfish - that’s smart. In learning to receive and fully accept who you are, you’re able to give more easily to others.
We won’t go into the past, look for a cause or who’s to blame. There’s no digging or searching for the root cause of anything. Instead you’ll learn to pull back to see straight and go higher to see clearer.
We’ll have fun and we won’t take ourselves too seriously. I’ll celebrate
you like a personal cheerleader, I’ll be there when you need it, I’ll create a deeply held space for sharing and shedding and I’ll hold you compassionately accountable.

I fuse energy, insight, activation, strategy and action to help you create a Midas Touch in your own life and work.

Hustle or pushing was never meant to be a thing. Ease and energy is.

How to work with me

60-minute Intuitive Consultation

Get started
Understand what’s driving you and draining your energy

Insight starts here

4-week Energy Alchemy

Plug back in
Journey into presence and energetic balance

Awakening starts here

Claim Your Power Immersion

Go beyond
Bespoke 1:1 Coaching to restore balance, reclaim vitality and meet relationships with power and presence
Activation starts here

Align Your Power Intensive

Break through
Personalised Coaching for entrepreneurs ready to swap hustle and grind for prosperity and strategic flow
Alignment starts here

Join these women claiming their power and standing in their Truth

Ready to stop looking and start shifting?

I know you’ve tried many things before, probably spent a ton of money in the process and shed more than a few tears trying to get out of your own way, but nothing seems to have worked the way you hoped it would.

I will take you beyond where you’ve learned to stop because I have a unique way of covering all the bases and bringing everything you need together in one place.
Contact me if you have questions
Discover the energy driving your actions, the patterns deciding your reality, and the beliefs making you who you are. So that you can get to the heart of who you are and remember what it feels like to truly be alive.
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