Claim Your Power Immersion

Restore balance, reclaim vitality and meet relationships with power and presence

The days of people pleasing, over-giving, under-receiving, holding back and doubting yourself are over.

People-pleasing is not how you get love, feel loved or belong.

Over-giving is not how you feel worthy, validated or enough.

And denying your needs is definitely not how you become the radiant, confident, deeply nourished woman you see inside your heart.

Fear, low self-worth and feelings of ‘not being enough’ stifle your joy and prevent you from creating loving boundaries that help you to know yourself deeply and allow you to express freely, confidently and authentically. Without them, relationships become disconnected and lack-lustre, traction gets lost on your core desires and vital energy gets swallowed up as your needs end up at the back of the queue.

No more being taken for granted lovely

It’s time to move beyond frustration, projection, mental exhaustion and comparing yourself to others because all that’s doing is undermining your confidence, sense of value and the amount of belief you have in yourself. Listen to you instead and bring your energy and body back to vitality. Honour your needs and take the pressure off your relationships, family, friends and work to meet them for you.

Embrace that sassy and spiritual, soulful and strong, sensual and successful, solid and spacious, sensitive and social woman that you are.


Be the woman who wakes up feeling happy with more love and life in her body. The woman who goes out with friends, has her own interests and creative outlets. The woman who moves her body with ease, eats for nourishment, wears clothes that express her, has adventures that inspire her and travels in a way that ignites her. The woman who has financial independence and quality time with the people she loves while doing the work that speaks to her Soul.

If you’re ready to give yourself permission to be more of THAT woman, this immersion is for you.

Imagine You . . .

Have deeply activated your Truth. You are now in alignment with your sense of true Self and deeply connected with your needs, motivations, purpose and desires. Your spark for life is re-ignited and you radiate authentically from the inside-out.
Know what matters most. You’ve released perfectionism, over-giving, the need to prove, to fix and the deep need for safety that’s left you feeling depleted at the back of the queue. You say YES to your whole life not just your work life, mothering life, relationship life or personal development life but ALL of it. Your alignment to yourself creates new levels of focus, efficiency, productivity, ease and simplicity.
Have released past hurts and fears. You’ve connected powerfully to your Higher Self and established a deeper connection to the presence inside of you. You feel stronger, calmer, more resilient and compassionately accountable as you claim who you are and express yourself in your life and through your work.
Meet your own needs. You’ve taken pressure off your ‘roles’ to validate your worth and other people to make you feel loved, acknowledged or appreciated. The relationships you choose are light, equal and enriching. You’ve let go of toxic ways of communicating and unhealthy relationships. You value yourself and give yourself plenty of space to grow inside of clear and loving boundaries.
You live on purpose and have a plan for where you’re going. You’ve let go of confusion, self-doubt, procrastination and self-sabotage. You’re confident to use your voice, be more visible and genuinely share yourself through your work, in your relationships and at home.
You express all of who you are. Sassy, spiritual, soulful, strong, sensual, successful, solid, spacious, sensitive and social. You’re all of it and more. No more ‘toning it down’, you now live the full spectrum of your rich dynamic Self as one congruent woman, without apology.
Your energy is elevated. Your body is fit, healthy and strong - you’re mentally resilient. You’ve carved out more time for the things you love. Self-care is ingrained because it feels good to be in your body and great to be alive.
Your life is balanced. You bring your full Self to the roles you have without them draining or exhausting you. You have your hobbies, friendships, self-care rituals and a social life that gives you a deep sense of richness, nourishment and depth.

Picture this

Catching your reflection in the mirror and seeing a vibrant, healthy and deeply nourished woman staring back at you. You see the sparkle in her eye, the glow of her skin, the lightness in her body, the calmness in her face. Her body is relaxed even though she stands tall and strong. She’s at home in her body, confidently expressing her style - alive in her heart and powered by the deep connection she has within.

This is who you can be when you claim your power.

I see gorgeously talented and gifted women every day struggling to become the woman they see in their heart despite years of personal development, study and learning. They’ve gathered a ton of knowledge but can’t seem to apply it in a way that shifts core beliefs, behaviours and patterns.

If trying to figure it out on your own was easy, you would have done it by now.

You can continue to spend years and thousands more going from pillar to post trying to figure it out yourself or learn from someone who’s been guiding women for over 15 years, facilitating personal, spiritual and business growth for over a decade and transforming thousands of lives all over the world, using intuitive insight and aligned strategy.

Deeply heal and radically upgrade the relationship you’re in with yourself in order to open yourself up to the wealth of who you are.

This beautifully held end-to-end process of activation and alignment is my life’s work and the results speak for themselves.

Women claiming their power


Performance Coach & Author
“Michelle’s work as an Intuitive Coach is profound. I first jumped on the spiritual bandwagon in 2005 and let me tell you I’ve been there and tried it all! I’ve visited temples in Egypt, Bali and India. 

 I’ve heard the bells and smelt the smells! But 15 years later and working with Michelle only now have I truly come home and found the essence of who I am. And I’m not even halfway through our 90-day immersion yet!”


“I’ve had significant health issues since my late 20’s and tried numerous things over the years. Thirty years on I was still trying to find something that would fully turn my health around. I had to give up work over the years as I never had the energy to work and do anything else. I’ve been existing for years and although reasonably happy, felt like life was forever passing me by.

I came across Michelle and had never done anything like this before. The process was very straight forward and every week I seemed to soar! I learned about myself, my mind and the patterns I had got caught up in. Very quickly I started seeing changes in my energy levels and my health turned completely around. I was able to see life events, people and relationships in a very different way. I now know how to realise my potential and let go of all my old fears around my health and energy when I venture into something new. Most of all I know how to manage myself, deal with my thoughts, keep elevating my health and have the skills to course-correct if I need to.”


“Michelle's Coaching helped me move through stagnant phases I was going through to feel lighter and more compassionate towards myself and accepting of those unwanted parts that were creating chaos in relationships with family and friends. I no longer rescue everyone and now communicate with safety, boundaries and confidence.”

As a leading Intuitive Master Life Coach & Transformational Teacher, I offer a bespoke transformation process of that's high touch, deeply held and 100% tailored to your exact needs.

Fusing energy work with fundamental energy principles, psychology and Soul-aligned action, I use your Higher Self as the guide following a 4-step process.


Understand the core patterns managing you and the impact they’re having across the seven areas of your life.
Learn about the dynamics of relationships and how to create loving boundaries that enable you to step into the leader of your life.


Identify the nature of your temperament and how your specific temperament is enabling your patterns or assisting your Higher Self to emerge.
Learn how to create balance and unplug from systemic patterns of thought and behaviour.


Connect with your Higher Self and receive clarity about who you are and what you’re capable of becoming now.
Create a new vision and direction for the area of your life you want upgrading most now.


Live your highest potential and make aligned choices every day. You’ll learn how to differentiate the language of your guidance from the voice in your head to stay deeply connected to your intuition.
Establish deep supportive life rhythms that nourish while getting things done with ease, speed, simplicity and grace.

Claim Your Power Immersion

What you get

Weekly 60-minute Coaching calls
Move beyond your default patterns and activate a whole new way of feeling, working and meeting your life.
SMS text or email support between weekly calls
Harness momentum, eliminate sticking points and feel supported between calls.
Plus an Embody Your Power Practice BONUS
A tailor-made invocation & meditation practice made just for you.

All you need is an internet connection to work together.

Book in for a chat gorgeous to find out more
Discover the energy driving your actions, the patterns deciding your reality, and the beliefs making you who you are. So that you can get to the heart of who you are and remember what it feels like to truly be alive.
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