Align Your Power Intensive

Ground your fire, align your energy to your vision & tap into rich flow

You know you are the single biggest asset in your business, but you also compare yourself to others and feel your business is an indicator of your personal worth and success. You LOVE what you do, and that fire of passion burns bright even when your body and boundaries are saying NO.

As a result, you dance closely with burn out, experience cycles of boom and bust, have fluctuating levels of energy, ongoing niggling health issues, and self-care that is quite frankly all over the place.

Quality time with family is often compromised as you get overloaded with work, feeling you’re the only one who can do it or do it right. While that perfectionist streak helps you to be at the top of your game and striving forward, it also steals your precious time, energy and props up the underlying feeling of not really feeling good enough.

These unresolved dynamics are driving your energy, affecting your business, bottom line and shaping your approach to work.

I know you’re tired of pushing and hustling to prove your value and make money in your business. You haven’t achieved a portion of what you know you’re capable of, yet you’re aware of an inner glass ceiling preventing you from releasing control and stepping up as the woman you need to be in your business.

So, your biggest dreams and visions end up on the back burner for the low hanging fruits that keep paying the bills. A lack of self-care, self-belief, authentic confidence and trust, are undermining your potential, visibility, sales, cash flow and growth.

No business strategy on the planet can transform who you’re being in your business or the energy you’re bringing to it.

The business success you really want doesn’t rely on another business plan, a new marketing channel, upgrading your website, hiring a social media marketer or reading another book about high performance. It needs you to get crystal clear on who you’re being, to align your power, voice and value, and embody your highest potential of what you desire, NOW.

This is not about working harder, smarter or longer hours but creating a whole new paradigm that will internally uplevel you AND bring more of the people you’re here to serve allowing you to receive the gold you’re working so hard to mine.

If you’re ready to have a deeply nourishing business that both serves and supports, that gives you the income and lifestyle you want and the financial independence you need, this Intensive is for you.

Picture this

You love the clients you work with, the transformations you co-create and the contribution you make while enjoying the ease with which dream clients come to you consistently.
The life you’ve created for yourself and your family rewards you deeply. You take time off when you need, head to the beach when you feel like it, catch up with friends for lunch, rest when you want, exercise when it suits, take holidays as you wish, spend money on yourself without feeling guilty and indulge in nourishing self-care without the need to justify it.
Have a deep level of self-honouring, acknowledgement and respect when you express yourself, your prices and boundaries. You speak your truth with ease and simplicity. You are free of boom and bust cycles, desperation or lack and have created a way of working that creates security for you, your future and your family.
You enjoy your work with a deep sense of receiving and service so you don’t struggle with depletion, exhaustion or over-giving. You wake up every morning rested, elevated and inspired to get into your day, excited to do what you love and confident to be in your business, sharing your message and selling your offering.
Have fun in your business AND your life without compromising you time or family time. The balance you have nourishes all of you and the different roles you play.
Free of habits and beliefs that limit, control or sabotage your work and instead make way for new levels of receiving, energy, flow and direction. You know what matters most, you maximise your gifts and talents and move forward with courage, ease and speed.
Your body is healthy, your energy has tripled, your mind is clear, you know anything is possible.

All of this is absolutely possible when you stop hustling for your worth and pushing through your business.

I see extremely talented, gifted and passionate women every day struggling to create a business that deeply supports their emotional and physical wellbeing, financial independence and lifestyle needs. I see women scared of failure and equally scared of success, impacting their ability to take confident bold action in the direction of their heart’s greatest desire. Instead they burn out before their time, end up staying small or feeling frustrated at themselves for their inability to change things.

If trying to figure it out on your own was easy, you would have done it by now

You can continue to use your business as a personal marker of your worth and exhaust yourself from using your passion to push and prove your way to the results that validate you, or you can learn how to get a handle on yourself quickly, get out of your own way fast and learn from someone who’s been guiding women for 15 years using intuitive insight and aligned strategy.

Radically upgrade the relationship you’re in with yourself, ground your fire, align your energy and open yourself up to the true wealth of yourself and your business.

This incredibly supportive and inspiring intensive is my life’s work and the results speak for themselves.

Women creating new business flow

Kavita-fashion entrepreneur testimonial-for-Michelle-Delegat


Fashion Entrepreneur
“I felt stuck in my business and didn't know which direction to take to be more productive and commit to a launch. I didn’t trust myself and was procrastinating. Michelle knew where to start and helped me see the core problems in my business which gave me the confidence to make some tough decisions. My goals were put on paper, I got clarity, took action and launched with ease.”


Owner of QBCs
“I was playing it safe and comfortable even though I have a successful global business. Michelle got me to stretch myself and see my vision more clearly and to trust myself enough to let go of self-imposed limitations. Working with Michelle is a gift and I will continue to work and be coached by her to grow my business further and unlock its ongoing potential”
Karen-empowerment coach testimonial-for-Michelle-Delegat


Empowerment Coach
“I contacted Michelle as I had no idea how to move from a small intuitive clearing and energy psychology business with a few clients by word of mouth, to a business that reflected me and niched in the area I was passionate about. 

 hrough her support I have been empowered to create a new foundation in my business which has brought back my passion for what I do. I value what I offer, know where my boundaries are with clients and I’m bringing new clients to me with ease. Michelle is hugely talented with so many tools. I would recommend working with Michelle to anyone.”

As a leading Intuitive Master Life Coach & Transformational Teacher with extensive business background, I offer a bespoke transformation process of that's highly supportive, deeply held and 100% tailored to your exact personal and business needs.

Fusing energy work with fundamental energy principles, psychology, strategy and values-aligned business action, I use a 4-step process to create growth:


Understand the core patterns managing you and the impact they’re having on your business and life.
Learn about the dynamics of relationships and how to create supportive boundaries that enable you to stay in your zone of genius while expanding with ease and flow.


Identify the nature of your temperament and how your specific temperament is enabling your patterns to play out in your business or assisting your highest potential to emerge.
Learn how to create balance and unplug from systemic patterns of thought and behaviour affecting your confidence, self-belief, visibility, results and enjoyment of life.


Connect with your highest possibility and potential available to you now and receive clarity about who you are and what you’re capable of becoming in your business.
Create a new vision and direction to activate your highest potential now and start magnetising both you and your business from the inside-out.


Learn how to work with your intuition to tap into flow and create at the speed of light.

Open yourself up to ease, speed and rich flow

Julie-Anne went from hiding behind her business, lacking confidence and belief in herself as a thought leader in her field to owning her voice, sharing her message, speaking her truth and crafting exquisite offerings for women all around the world.
Anna went from depleting her energy, having ongoing health issues and hustling for her worthiness in her business, to working in a way that elevated her health and energy 100% and created more time with her family.
Nathalie went from working huge hours in her business, bringing home work, blurring boundaries and feeling like “the only person who can do everything”, to creating a work life that supports quality time with her family and reconnected her with her long lost passion for crafting.
Sue-mind, body alchemist testimonial-for-Michelle-Delegat
Sue went from treating her business like a hobby and suffering from low sales and slow growth to turning up as a confident entrepreneur upgrading her business mindset, processes, website and approach to create a smooth, integrated professional business serving local and international clients.
Neshla went from feeling confused about the direction of her career, lacking faith in herself and losing sleep, to becoming clear, focused and confident in herself and taking the ‘right’ action on her true heart’s desire for her business.

Why Me

I’ve worked with hundreds of private Coaching clients in the UK, Europe, America, Australia, NZ and Asia offering personal and business transformation.

Have a senior corporate management background, business acumen AND energy medicine training, experience and extensive qualifications.

Hold a Masters with Distinction and a First Class Honours Degree in Business (Human Resource Management).

A trained facilitator and Coach.

Got my own signature process to facilitate radical and lasting change.

Worked with thousands of clients around the world facilitating intuitive consultations, life coaching and business energetics consultations.

Qualified Energy Medicine Master Teacher and Advanced Theta Healing practitioner, among others.

Achieved balance and boundaries results for career professionals, health and wellness outcomes for passionate entrepreneurs, elevated confidence and self-worth for women in relationships, forgiveness and self-love for spiritual seekers, self-belief and paying clients for practitioner start-up’s.

Lived the process myself for over 25 years. Everything I teach comes from learning and results I’ve achieved in my own life as a corporate professional, entrepreneur, intuitive master and coach.

I stay up-to-date with the latest developments in human development, entrepreneurship, online business, high performance, energy medicine and psychology.

Align Your Power Intensive

What you get

Weekly 60-minute Power Coaching calls
Move beyond you’re the limiting habits affecting your business, fulfilment and success and activate a whole new way of being, working and contributing.
SMS text or email support between calls
Enhance momentum, eliminate sticking points and feel supported between our weekly calls.
All you need is an internet connection to work together.
Book in for a chat gorgeous to find out more
Discover the energy driving your actions, the patterns deciding your reality, and the beliefs making you who you are. So that you can get to the heart of who you are and remember what it feels like to truly be alive.
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