Understand what’s driving you and draining your energy 

Intuitive Consultation

In this one-off exploratory session I use my intuitive expertise to identify the patterns, habits, resistances and beliefs creating your inner glass ceiling, and preventing you from achieving the expression and expansion you wish to see most in any area of your life or work.

I’ll reconnect you with the essence of your true Self and give you practical solutions on how to move towards your heart’s biggest desires with the greatest amount of ease and speed.

If you want to change any single aspect of your life, you first need to look at your world of thoughts, feelings and patterns of behaving

If you’re curious or feeling called to experience what it would feel like to…

Finally make ‘sense’ of yourself and understand why you do what you do through no fault of your own.
Uncover the core beliefs, patterns and stories impacting your health, energy, finances, work, relationships and happiness (you’ll be amazed at how far-reaching the impact of one belief can be).
Discover what’s getting in the way of you being able to listen and trust yourself (so you stop looking for love, approval, permission, validation or anything else outside of you).
Get clarity on your most important next steps (no matter how lost, confused or disconnected you feel right now).

Then I invite you to book a 60-minute Intuitive Consultation with me today

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Radio presenter & author
“A Consultation with Michelle is a unique experience. She taps into your energy system and literally gets in touch with what’s going on physically and emotionally inside of you. She then becomes a ‘channel’ for what your body is trying to communicate. It was amazing how accurate she was!

Michelle picked up on physical issues I had considered but had been avoiding addressing, and many other factors regarding my personal and professional life that are too personal to divulge. I can only say she was ‘spot on’ and left me reeling as to how – from the other side of the world – she could possibly be that tuned into the intricacies of my day to day life and what my future holds.

It’s an inspirational experience - Michelle is inspirational, intuitive, very clued in and an incredibly gifted facilitator, I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
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“I reached out to Michelle because I was feeling unfulfilled, uneasy and had relationship problems with my husband. I was living my life for everyone else and pleasing everyone at my own expense. I always try to ‘keep the calm’ in all my relationships and as a result, end up feeling frustrated and suffocated as I can’t be my real self.

I was able to connect with Michelle and open up easily – I’m not able to do this with just anyone as I’m always guarded!! Michelle goes very deep into my being. She does it very systematically and gently, connects all the dots and shows me where I’m coming from. To put it simply, she is able to understand me deeply which helps me see myself more clearly.

She has a way of simplifying complicated concepts making it understandable through simple language, appropriate examples and metaphors. I learned to take a different perception, found many qualities in me that I did not know and breakthrough patterns that were keeping me stuck.”


Speaker, Author & Impact Entrepreneur
"As a busy entrepreneur and mum of three, it was so valuable to have a Consultation with Michelle to focus on me. 

 She has a direct style that I appreciate both for insight and clarity into what is going on for me that I can apply to both how I run my business as well as personal wellness and life in general."

Ready for some insight and inspiration?

All you need is an internet connection to work with me.
60-minute Intuitive Consultation
Let’s get you the clarity you need to start creating the life you want.
Discover the energy driving your actions, the patterns deciding your reality, and the beliefs making you who you are. So that you can get to the heart of who you are and remember what it feels like to truly be alive.
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